× Partnership FAQ's Terms and Conditions


For Customer

1.What is the purpose of Destiny Carry Service?

Destiny Carry Service was created to help you succeed in Destiny 2, the game. We can help you with Regular Carries (We play with you) and Account Recoveries (We play for you)

2.What are Account Recoveries (play for)?

Account recovery means that a Destiny Carry Service partner will log onto your account and play on your account to complete the requested service.

3.Who will be carrying me?

The makers of Destiny Carry Service have partnered with the best guardians in Destiny 2, to help carry you. Destiny Carry Service partners are hand selected based on their previous experience carrying, win percentage, K/D ratios, ELO, and friendliness. We take great pride in the quality of our partners and guarantee your carry.

4.When will I receive service?

You will receive your service as fast as possible. This often means immediately but sometimes longer depending on the number of online partners and the number of other customers at the time that you purchase. You can be confident that we have received your order, so please refrain from emailing us to ask “When will I receive my service?”. You can log into your account page to see the current status of your order. If you have already been connected with a partner, you will be able to chat directly with your partner with build in chat accessed from your account page. After you purchase a service make sure to be available on your account page so that you can begin chatting when you are connected with a partner. Email notification will be sent to you when a partner is available to begin your service.

ATTENTION XBOX CUSTOMERS: YOUR SERVICE WILL BE DELAYED if your Xbox account requires a second confirmation code at login and you do not provide Destiny Carry Service with this code. Please be available in chat to provide this code when required.

5.Which service is best for me (play with or play for)?

You will want to decide between a “play for” product versus a “play with” product. If you don’t have time to play or just want to relax while you earn rewards in Destiny 2, we recommend a “play for” product. If you want to learn and improve by playing with the best players in Destiny 2, then we recommend a “play with” product.

6.What happens after I make a purchase?

What you should do:

-Patiently monitor your account page or wait for an email to notify you that a partner is available to begin your service. By going to your account page, you will be able to join your partner in a chat room and complete your service. You can chat with your partner throughout the time that your service is being completed. -Be patient! The number of online partners and the number of customers purchasing service fluctuates constantly making management of a carry service an extremely complex process.

What you should not do:

Email Destiny Carry Service asking when your service will be completed.

7.How do I request a refund?

Go to you account page and view your previous orders to receive support.

8.What if I have an issue or question that is not addressed in this FAQ?

Email us at our support email, support@destinycarryservice.com.

9.What happens if I do not respond in the partner chat room in a timely manner?

Your service may be canceled. Depending on how much of the partner’s time you have consumed, you may receive a partial refund rather than a full refund.

10.How do I know when my service has been completed?

Your DCS partner will mark the service complete on your account page at which time you will be asked to leave a rating for the partner. If your service has not been completed, you can go to your account page and open the chat room between you and your partner and ask the partner when your service will be completed.

For Partners

1.What is Destiny Carry Service?

In its current state, Destiny Carry Service (DCS) allows Destiny 2 players to purchase the assistance of Destiny Carry Service partners in Destiny, the game. More specifically, Destinycarryservice.com, the official website of DCS, allows partners to accept and provide in-game services to customers. DCS customers are able to browse, purchase and receive in-game services provided by DCS partners.

2.What users are able to sell their services?

Approved DCS partners are the only users of Destinycarryservice.com allowed to accept and provide service on Destinycarryservice.com.

3.How much money can I make as a partner of Destiny Carry Service?

Partners make 70% of the price the customer pays.

4.How do I become a partner of Destiny Carry Service?

To become a partner of Destiny Carry Service, please visit the Partnership page and register to become a DCS partner. Not all applicants will be approved. Factors that affect your likelihood of approval include but are not limited to previous experience carrying, win percentage, K/D ratios, ELO, friendliness, and references. Partners must be skilled enough to guarrantee the services that Destinycarryservice.com provides.

5.What happens after my partnership is approved?

Login to destinycarryservice.com and make sure that your account is properly setup. Join the Destiny Carry Service Slack Team. Your email will be approved for the slack team after your partnership has been approved. Once these are complete you can go to your account page and manage your online settings. Go online to begin receiving service requests. You will receive requests on both your account page and in Slack.

6.What is Slack?

Slack is a communication app similar to WhatsApp, Skype, or Discord that can be used on Windows, Mac OS, iOs, Android, and Windows phons. Destinycarryservice.com uses Slack to send you customer request notifications. DCS management will also communicate with you using Slack. You can checkout Slack.com for more information.

7.How do I know when a customer has requested service?

You will receive notification on your account page and a push notification in Slack containing a link. Click the link in the Slack message to be taken to destinycarryservice.com where you can accept the request. You will have limited time to accept the request before other partners will also be given the opportunity to accept the same request.

8.What happens if I am away from my device when a slack notification for a customer service request?

You can still click on the link to see if the service request is available. Each partner will have a limited amount of time to accept a service request after receiving notification. After this time has expired, other partners will also be given the opportunity to accept and provide the requested service.

9.What happens if I fail to respond to a customer in chat in a timely manner?

The service may have to be canceled. Depending on how much of the requested service you have provided, the may only receive partial payment or no payment at all.

10.How will DCS management communicate with me?

Destiny Carry Service will communicate with all partners using the Destiny Carry Service Slack Team.

11.What should I do once I have completed a service?

Mark the service complete in the chat room between you and the customer. You will then be asked to leave a rating for the customer.

12.When and how are partners paid?

Partners will be paid weekly for their completed services. You can go to your account page to setup your ideal payment method, direct transfer or PayPal.

13.What happens if I no long what to be a partner of Destiny Carry Service?

You have the option to end your partnership with Destiny Carry Service at anytime. Direct message a manager in the DCS Slack.