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About Us

Destiny Carry Service is a company built from the ground up to provide professional assistance in Destiny 2, the game. The company was founded by Richard Camara, a radiology resident currently training in Milwaukee. Richard is like a lot of gamers who have greatly enjoyed Bungie’s games, especially Destiny. When the Destiny 1 House of Wolves expansion was launched, Richard realized that Trials of Osiris was not for everyone and that many players including himself needed help from more skilled players to make it to the Lighthouse, the ultimate reward for winning 9 games in the Trials of Osiris player vs player game-mode. Richard decided to create a company for players just like himself to acquire in game help from Destiny’s top professional players, and with the help of John Coffin, lead designer and software engineer, Destiny Carry Service opened for business in April of 2016. Now in collaboration with Snowtint, an exceptionally capable software development company, Destiny Carry Service is once again opening for business to provide service to gamers playing Destiny 2.